Introducing New CNCPE 9 Stand Pressure Plate Covers

New Product Promotion



Until August 1, 2016:

Buy 1 pressure plate  cover and get 1 set of lockup levers free!

Buy 2 pressure plate covers and get 1 set of lockup and primary levers for each cover free!

Product Features and Benefits

Modern Design

  • Modern ribbed cover

  • Bump stumps

  • Reinforced ribbing

  • CAD designed

  • Short lever pins on all levers - No more bent primary pins!

  • Runs modern multi radius primary levers

  • Fits on AFT pressure plates

Improved Performance

  • Modern ribbed cover that minimizes cover flex and allows consistent application

High Quality and Durability

  • Built using the highest quality materials, the same proprietary Titanium that CNCPE 8 stand units  have been built with for 13 years

  • Built using manufacturing process that minimizes stress in the part and allows for super tight tolerances and repeatability for every unit

Substantial Cost Savings

  • Allows use of existing AFT flywheel and pressure plates

  • Does not require an entire clutch assembly upgrade


CNCPE 9 Stand Pressure Plate Covers

Introducing new CNCPE 9 Stand Pressure Plate Covers for Top Fuel and Funny Car AFT 9 Stand Clutches!

Please contact CNC Performance Engineering for more information and to place your order.