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Drag Racing

CNC Performance Engineering works with NHRA, IHRA, NASCAR, and World of Outlaw teams to design and build the highest quality  racing components in the industry.  We are the benchmark in quality Top Fuel and Funny Car Components. We carry our own line of drag racing parts and components, as well as offer complete design and build from the ground up components. While traditionally our flagship component has been our 8 stand Top Fuel Clutch, we have also added many new components to our product line ranging from clutch units to titanium retainers. Our products include:


Clutch Components

  • Top fuel clutch assemblies (flywheels, pressure plates, pressure plate covers)

  • Clutch stands

  • Clutch hardware (non stick hat nuts and washers, coated lever pins, bump stops)

  • Primary and Lockup levers (custom built to customer specs)

  • Pack loaders

  • Throwout Bearing Cover assemblies


Engine Hardware

  • Starter bracket/belt guard assemblies

  • 1 pc idler brackets

  • Titanium blower snout support struts

  • Hardened support strut clevis’s

  • Crankshaft bearing support covers



Teams can trust that we treat all proprietary components with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. We have Non-Disclosure agreements ready on file and are willing to do whatever it takes to assure teams their ideas are safe with us. Please contact us for more information and to place your order.



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