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1971: Larry and Mary Ann Nachtmann establish the company as Delta Fabricators in Los Angeles, California. Delta Fabricators becomes a prominent supplier to the aerospace and defense industries.


1987: The company transitions from servicing  the aerospace and defense industries to the heavy equipment industry, changing its name to  CNC Production Machine.


1990: The company begins its  partnership with Gin Rib manufacturer, Vandergriff Inc., designing tooling and manufacturing a new type of performance gin rib for cotton gin stands.


2003: Company founder, Larry Nachtmann, falls ill and passes away.


2004: Company co-founder, Mary Ann Nachtmann, retires. The Nachtmanns' son, Chris Nachtmann, assumes leadership of the company.


2005: The company begins serving the performance racing industry. It changes its name to CNC Performance Engineering and moves to Lincolnton, North Carolina.


2006: CNC Performance Engineering begins its partnership with metals supplier, Castle Metals, and begins offering first-step machining services to Castle’s big OEM customers.


2010: CNC Performance Engineering's partnership with Castle Metals is a success.  CNCPE moves its operations inside Castle's  Charlotte, North Carolina facility to offer quicker turnaround and less costly logistics for preliminary machine work for Castle Metals' OEM customers.


2013: CNC Performance Engineering and Vandergriff Inc. embark on a gin rib conversion project, developing higher performance ribs for all previous gin rib models.


2014: CNC Performance Engineering enters the karting market with its own OTK/Tony Kart parts.


2016: CNC Performance Engineering continues to lead in quality and has its sights on growth and becoming a major supplier to large OEM manufacturers.

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